Cashback for SMEs Innovation

More than half of our SME clients have claimed back some cash courtesy of HMRC.

If you thought that R and D Tax credits were only for companies with a dedicated R and D team, it's possibly time to think again. If your company has developed an innovative process or procedure, or, a new piece of software or product, you are potentially eligible to claim.

Since Sept 2015, our UK team has claimed over £10m for UK SMEs with an average of £61, 514 each. So, if you can tick yes to the following statements, it is worth exploring if a claim would succeed:

  • I have a Ltd company and it's registered in the UK.
  • My turnover is between £300,000 to £25,000,000 and I employ less than 500 people.
  • I've been trading for more than 1 year.
  • I'm working on something new and different

 Why not get in touch now to check your eligibility for any cashback for you this year or, what could be eligible in future.

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Even if your accountant has reviewed your position, it may be worth a further review as our team works with many Accounting practices who recognise an R and D specialist can identify claims for R and D expenditure beyond that of a generalist. (In just two instances recently, one client's accountant put their R&D tax expenditure for the year at £40,000, when it was just short of £500,000, and another believed the client was ineligible.

That client has just received a BACS payment from HMRC of £145,000. These are not big companies; both turnover less than £10million.)

So how do I find out if I am eligible?

Subject to satisfying the above 4 criteria, one of our Kent based team of R and D specialists with experience in your sector will conduct their desktop research. If they believe a claim would succeed, they'll arrange a 10-15 minute phone meeting with you to qualify your potential claim.

With a success rate of 100%, some are disappointed if they don’t proceed to a claim although they will learn what is eligible for a future claim, adding confidence in future decisions about the development of a new product or process.


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