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Being a successful business owner requires a deep understanding of the financials of the business. We need more than a record of what the score is though, we need to know where we are against our annual financial plan created in the last quarter of the financial year. Plus, it’s also nice to know how this will compare against the same period in the previous year.

With this information, we can start to ask better questions about our business which will either get us back on track or if the trend is above plan, we can accelerate our growth by bringing forward additional investment.

The numbers in a business is a global language which ignores soft issues and can speed you in to your profit zone. Download your financial planning tool here and begin to plan your growth now.

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Success Story

Working with Iain gave us the tailored approach we needed to plan our strategy for the next few years, within a framework we could understand and follow. The added bonus of a greater understanding of our staff and how to evolve the plan with their ownership of it, were significant extra benefits which we had not even thought to ask for. Not only can I recommend Iain for his approach and results, but his fees are “significantly subsidised” as an accredited coach/consultant with the government’s GrowthAccelerator funding.

David Hitch
Diamond Photofoil Ltd

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This tool will help you when planning your financial goals for the year ahead such as your sales, costs and investments. Using it will enable you to take control of your profitability.

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