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When asked “What’s the best marketing strategy you’ve ever used”, I normally reply there isn’t just one as the best strategy is to have 10 or more on the go at once. Then, if one begins to fail, you have still got a marketing machine working for you around the clock.  

However, if your business solely relied on leads from a website built 5 years ago, where would your business be today?

Successful marketing involves 3 areas.
  1. Brand Recognition
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Lead Generation

Too many companies focus on the third area resulting in lower than necessary conversion rates.  We will work on all three so lead generation is successful.

Depending upon your business, we will consider social media, direct and e-mail, video, telemarketing (yes, even in the twenties!), webinars, networking, information guides (white papers) and powerful guarantees to name a few.

With the tools available now, it’s easy to track where your leads are coming from and therefore, which is the most profitable lead generation strategy.  

Together, we’ll make sure your marketing is an investment, not a cost and we’ll show you how to decrease the acquisition cost of your leads and  new customers and also increase the lifetime value of your customers by moving them up your ladder of loyalty.

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