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Iain joined the IMI team in early 2017 at the back end of our financial year. We were undergoing a large growth within the business which we were not set up or prepared for. Iain guided us, helping us create ways of recording our progress, he showed IMI that with the right background in place, we could build a platform in which to steadily grow beyond. Not once did Iain tell us how to do it, he gave us the tools to come to the conclusions ourselves which meant we retained the processes.  Since then, IMI’s annual revenues increased from £750k to £3m in 2022.

In late 2020, after the first wave of Covid, the company went through a major restructure. The owners of the business decided that they wished to take a step back from directly running the company, Sean, and Keith took over the Directorship with Josh preparing to join later. Iain coached us through the process, and we have emerged stronger and begun accelerating the growth Iain taught us to reach for.

We now hope to use Iain’s expertise in the change of culture which the company now needs to pivot into a larger cooperation.

Thankyou Hemingtons, for your continued support and guidance.

Sean Houghton

Revenues: £6.7m
Location: Kent
Sector: Landscaping


"We have 3 departments in the group which, although there are some synergies, run separately due to differing business models. Last year saw no overall sales growth, and NP dropped. We are about to acquire another small business in a related trade. We want help to coordinate all this to the best advantage, especially with the rapidly changing nature of marketing."

Actions Completed

Developed an organisational strategy with a partner responsible for the success of each department and appointed an MD from within to lead, oversee and leverage the strengths across the group. Worked on improving the leadership behaviours of the partners and the communication throughout the business. Introduced additional marketing strategies (SM, videos, telemarketing).

Results Achieved

Following a successful re-organisation, the group achieved a commendable sales growth of 25%, GP of 34% and NP of 13.2% which was 6% ahead of plan.

Confidential Client

Working with Iain gave us the tailored approach we needed to plan our strategy for the next few years, within a framework we could understand and follow. The added bonus of a greater understanding of our staff and how to evolve the plan with their ownership of it, were significant extra benefits which we had not even thought to ask for. Not only can I recommend Iain for his approach and results, but his fees are “significantly subsidised” as an accredited coach/consultant with the government’s GrowthAccelerator funding.

David Hitch
Diamond Photofoil Ltd

Revenues: £10m
Location: London
Sector: Environmental Controls


"Experienced Business Leaders view required on where we are now, and what is realistically achievable to get, taking into account current business model, structure etc. Additionally, a high level view on what to consider in 3 year plan including premises, staffing, leadership, markets to target. Cure for below plan results required."

Actions Completed

Provided strategic clarity through a SOAP document (Strategy on a Page) and introduced accountability for each director and team members. Defined, measured and published conversion rates as per 3 product groups, to increase sales. Appointed company leader and sales director from existing board.

Results Achieved

“Sales and GP growth of 23% and 29% during twelve-month engagement. Morale rating from team of 40+ improved from 7.6 to 8.4. Sales conversion rates improved by 27%. Labour productivity improved from a ratio of 2.2 to 2.9.”

Confidential Client

Our company, (UK) Ltd produces software systems that enables Lawyers, Accountants & Will writers and Trust companies around the world to deliver business efficiencies and document automation. In 2008, the company engaged the services of Iain Hemington as we wanted to add an additional business development resource. Iain was instrumental in developing the strategy, increasing visibility of the company, and supporting it to acquire many additional professional services companies using Arken’s systems which resulted in significantly increased MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

However, we needed to secure Iain fulltime and he was too busy with other clients to be able to commit, so unfortunately Iain left us after 11 great years. We’re disappointed to see him go but he forever remains a FOAL (friend of Arken Legal). I’d make no hesitation in recommending Iain to any business who is seeking to develop and grow their business.

Dave Newick
Managing Director
Arken. Legal (UK) Ltd

We decided to engage with Iain Hemington after we’d had 2-3 years of good, consistent trading and were performing well. However, the feeling was that there had to be more. Coaching has been a very valuable experience because we’re very naive in the way of the sales and marketing side of the business.

It’s been extremely useful having Iain because he has taught us a lot about our business; the areas we’ve not been looking into such as what we need to do with people, particularly on the sales side, and perhaps the realisation that the team have been left a little bit isolated. There’s work that can be done bringing the team more into the fold and to make them feel more a part of the business.

There’s also another realisation, and that’s of all the untapped potential in relation to the business; all the clients that we’ve been working with, all the jobs we’ve been doing, but we’d not been using that information. We understand that now as well as what we can do with it, and I think the potential is really quite exciting!

Robin Scibilia
Managing Director
Renlon Ltd

The reason we employed Iain was from the point of view that we were trying to grow the company and get the full skill set that needed to be enhanced within the business. We therefore agreed to take Iain on to help within the sales and management side of the business and take the company forward.

The main thing we got from Iain was seeing things through someone else’s eyes, someone who’s been involved in sales management and in business growth. He was able to give me those tools that make life easier such as being able to manage the sales team; making sure we get a full set of objectives set up; how the objectives work; how we make the team do what they’re supposed to be doing.

We work via the reseller market a lot of the time and the pipelines are now going up significantly. We’ve managed to take on a lot more resellers, but not only that, we’ve now captured some of the biggest names in the market, reselling our product range.

I’d say that working with someone like Iain gives you the ability to look more into your business and understand how it can be structured to work properly. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone from outside looking in on the business and taking us forward.

Philip Haynes
Managing Director
Computer Tel Ltd

I have known Iain Hemington for more than eight years and have employed his professional services for the last two.

Iain is an intelligent, knowledgeable and very friendly individual. His experience of developing and structuring businesses is invaluable to me and my company.

My focus was on clients and 'getting the job done', whereas Iain taught me to structure my finances, cashflow and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for steady, continuous and predictable growth. I sleep considerably better at night knowing my company is sustainable, profitable and in safe hands.

I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Iain Hemington to any business, whether you are a starter or seasoned business person - you will learn a lot. One of the best investments I have made for my young Company. If you would like verbal assurances please feel free to call.

Paul Bird M.W.M.Soc
Managing Director
Aqua2Pure Water Hygiene Ltd

Upon first speaking to Iain as my mentor, I instantly felt comfortable, not only is Iain knowledgeable and informative on many different levels, he is also human and approachable! As our calls progressed, the difference Iain made to how I felt about my own ability as a coach grew in volumes, what did he do? I often asked myself in those early calls.... I think Iain quite simply, meets the person he is coaching or mentoring on THEIR level, therefore, the rapport is high and consequently, the trust is there early.

As Iain offered me advice and tips for growing my very new practise, I never hesitated to follow that advice, as I trusted him and knew that he had my best interests at heart. I cannot recommend this man highly enough, if you want to move the next level (or the ones above that!) a mentor of Iain’s skill and technique would ensure the success you are seeking.

Iain, I thank you & look forward to the day I am as excellent in coaching and mentoring others as you are (which let’s face it, won't be long with my new-found confidence you helped me to find!)

Jo Clayton
Mentee Testimonial


Now that I have had time to put much of what I have learnt on your course into practice, I wanted to write to express my thanks for the outstanding input you gave, and the effect putting it into practice has had.

As you know, as technical people we were, as the classic technicians, mainly focussing on getting the work done – without having regard to management systems and a properly defined purpose.

Your input as our Performance Business Coach and the “7 Stage” system we studied together taught us most of what we needed to know about running a proper business.

We now run the business in a systemised way, making it more efficient and freeing me up to develop the business without the need to be involved in areas that can just as easily be run without me – once the systems are in place.

Since the course, our business has grown from a turnover of £180,000 to over £500,000 and I am sure it is also now more secure. We achieved ISO9001 status in August, which was a natural progression to the systemisation we had put in place.

Before we started working with you, our business was providing a good service and was steadily growing, but we were working extremely hard to maintain it. Since then, we have been providing an outstanding service – and the company is so efficient it doesn’t feel particularly hard to maintain, in spite of the increased workload and higher standards.

Thanks again for helping us to develop and achieve our goals. As you will recall I was reluctant to commit to the financial outlay involved in hiring you at first – I don’t like spending money if I can avoid it – but we have certainly got a worthwhile return on the investment, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other business owners who may be considering employing you. 

Alan Baldwin MIFireE MinstLM
Managing Director
Impact Fire Ltd

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